Sunday, 5 February 2012

Lone Wolf Redesigned - Thanks Shawn Cornally!

Shawn Cornally developed this game (original game Lone Wolf) from a Dan Meyer idea, I was so impressed I decided to adapt it as a starter activity to help my students remember Square Numbers, Cube Numbers and Prime Numbers.

The rules are:
  1. Choose a positive square number (or cube number or prime number dependent on the game) integer
  2. You lose if you choose the same number as someone else
  3. Lowest unique square (or cube or prime) number wins
How did it go?

Initially there was some concern by the pupils that this was a rubbish game (mainly because some of them did not understand the rules). But once we got started they loved it, probably because I also added a bonus for the victor of a piece of flapjack or brownie (their choice). It was great though that students suddenly were interested what a square, cube or prime number was. Whether or not they will remember what each of the numbers are remains to be seen - but hopefully they will remember.

Here is the file for those interested - try something new this week.

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