Sunday, 26 May 2013

Misconceptions / A4L / Self Marking Activities

Bored of doing test papers - try these activities!

These are activities I have used during revision lessons, revision days (or superlearning days), and homeworks.

Activity 1 - Substituting Self Marking - A paired activity

For this activity I had students working in pairs.

For this activity I would recommend that you print this out on doubled sided A3 paper (it works on A4 just as well). I like to print it on A3 paper because then it is a novelty for my students - they don't generally get treated to A3 paper. I also give the students a red pen to mark the paper, some enjoy the power of the red pen - in my instructions I tell them to mark it as if they were the teacher. I tell them to write any notes/help you would give "Stephen" and get them to grade it - in anyway they see fit.  Pupils are to discuss and ensure they are both happy with every question because they will be asked to justify any marks docked or given.

The students enjoyed it, they didn't feel they were revising or doing work! They discussed the answers and shared best practice. During this process they were using higher level thinking skills than normal and also engaging in a lot of mathematical discussion.

I used common misconceptions in writing the answers, which hopefully will highlight common errors to them?

I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson !

Would I do it again - yes! I felt it was very beneficial to them, but I would not let this become a common activity, otherwise the novelty element might be lost.
I hope you enjoy it - give it a go and tell me how it went for you.

Activity 1 - Substitution Self Mark

Activity 2,3 & 4 - Transformations Self Mark booklets

These 3 activities are similar to Activity 1 where this fictitious character "Stephen" has been working on the Rotation, Reflection and Enlargement. He has completed all 3 booklets and the pupils must mark his work and when he is wrong say why.
These activities are all 4 pages and are best printed off as a booklet on one A4 page.

Activity 2 - Rotation Self Mark
Activity 3 - Reflection Self Mark
Activity 4 - Enlargement Self Mark

If you want the original word document of these just tweet me@dwatson802 and I will send you it.